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Bianca Ruakere

“Understanding your purpose, your objectives and what it is that you really want to say is at the heart of effective communication. I’ve spent my entire career helping clients and companies understand and articulate this, not just in good times but also when things go wrong. Getting your communication right in a crisis can save a company from disaster, and potentially see them re-emerge even stronger than before.”

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Bianca has more than 20 years experience as a Corporate Communications specialist. She has spent most of her career working overseas for industry-leading multinationals giving her an in-depth understanding of how global events can impact an organisation’s bottom line and ability to operate.

Bianca has extensive experience in the energy and extractive industries sector having spent 12 years working for Shell and most recently for De Beers, the world’s leading diamond producer. She also has experience in the healthcare, retail and IT sectors. 

A return to New Zealand in 2016 saw Bianca working for a kaupapa Māori organisation in health and social services. Here she applied her skills to help promote public health initiatives designed to enhance whānau health and wellbeing. This involved working closely with hapu and iwi to create pathways to improved health outcomes and communicating these effectively.

Bianca’s particular strengths are in risk and reputation management, media relations, crisis communications and investor relations.

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