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Chris Wikaira


“On Maori issues I can sit and listen to a Maori audience and understand exactly what they are saying. I can also look at the other side and understand exactly why they are misinterpreting what is being said. Big issues often get hung up on something small. Nuance is very important. You need to be able to walk in both worlds.”

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Chris is a Director of BRG. He provides specialist Māori communication, media and political advice and analysis. An award-winning journalist with an unrivalled reputation among politicians, business and the public service, he has a particular ability to be able to identify and analyse complex kaupapa Māori issues.

Chris’s tribal affiliations are Ngāti Maniapoto, Nga Puhi and Pākehā. He brings an important perspective to the work of the consultancy, providing advice to Māori organisations on how their views can be communicated effectively. He provides advice to private and public organisations on how to engage with Māori at hapū, iwi, regional and national levels. 

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